The Essence of Healing


Healing. Feel the essence of this powerful word as you sink into the mandala. Let bright healing flow fully into your body and heart.

deep within

beyond the place of knowing
buried under the cairn of memories

it is there

the gaping wound
the torn open place
the roiling suffering

it waits there

deep as it ever was
raw and aching
thirsting for you

time may soften
the sharpness of its edges

may dull our perception
of the depth of its penetration

yet it colours our every move

here in the now
with heart open and eyes wide
we are ready

to transform our own wounds
to breathe deeply into them
to pour until it overflows


the wounds remain, yes

changed as they are
they nourish us
with the rawness of love

Take a moment with this Essence Mandala. Sink into the power of its word.

Let your eyes rest softly as you melt into it. Let your heart open gently to its gifts and its beauty.

Feel yourself drawn into its lush energy, into the pull of a curve, the shimmering power of a colour.

Notice the symbols you see, the messages that come to you.

Breathe deeply the essence of Healing. How does your heart feel?

I create Essence Mandalas by writing the word with kaleidoscope wands. These mandalas carry the essence of their words directly to your heart.

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