Love Wins. It’s the Only Way Through

Love Wins.

That’s what Diva said.

Moment by moment I unravel what this means – revealing the nuances of love, discerning the essence of winning.

aglo with the love
their families have imprinted
on them

they enter the spaceDiva's smile was the welcome received at the Rainbow Bridge by these six beautiful fur babes. This is also the smile I envision when I hear her whisper Love Wins.
on the other side

greeted by love
by beautiful souls
who welcome them

as the fog of confusion
they see those families
those who cared so deeply for them here

tears falling
hearts broken

these six new friends
born again to love
wanting only to soothe their loved ones
pour love into our world

the secrets of love
revealed to them
after their transition
they know that only love
can heal

the six stand together
pouring love into hearts
into their families’ hearts
into our hearts
into every heart

if only we will receive it

I sank to my knees when he told me the news. Tears stood in my eyes.

My breath disappeared as I felt it all, as my heart followed the path of what we thought we knew, checking in on all of these hearts that have been hurt.

So much loss. So much pain.

So much regret.

I was feeling all of it, all of them.

More and more I realize that my purpose – my job – is to love.

To find the love in everything – every moment, every person.

To make space for the love of the universe to flow into everything.

To show again and again that love is all there is.

That love wins.

It’s not always easy.

My heart breaks again and again and all there is to do is pour love into it.

I see the hearts of others break, and all that I can do is pour love into them.

And to call on my people – those who live in the light, those who flow in love – to join me and help me with pouring the love into everything. Will you join me?

There was a news story this week. A terrible, sad news story.

In this story, a woman made a terrible mistake. When she discovered the consequences of it, she made bad decisions, trying to hide the damage.

There was no way to make it better. The finality of her mistake is heart-breaking.

The decisions she made next were bad for everyone – hiding the truth, lying. And those lies were the story we heard first. Stolen. Missing. There was hope. A whole province of dog-lovers rallied to help.

Within the week, the crushing truth was discovered. With this knowledge six families grieve for the loss of their pets. They face grief, loss and, almost assuredly, anger.

They need love. They need healing.

At the center of it all, is this woman who made a bad choice, and then more bad choices.

Another person who needs healing.

I felt her regret, her pain, her horror. All in that moment of falling to my knees. I felt also the grief, the loss, the horror of all of those families.


Diva’s words came to me again.

Love wins.

Love is all that will help in this situation.

Love for all in those families who are dealing with this unimaginable pain.

Love for these fur babies who have made this transition far sooner than was meant to be.

Love, even, for this woman who made these mistakes.

I’m not saying we need to forgive. If you know me, you know I don’t really do forgiveness.

I’m not offering absolution. I believe we all must live through the consequences of our actions.

There are authorities investigating. There will be consequences.

I’m not even saying you need to join me.

I will pour love into her whether you join me or not.

But I know the power of community, the way that our joined focus of love will increase the healing it brings her.

If your heart sees clear to, if you feel the healing and the flow of this love, then, yes, please join me as we pour love into her.

Soul mandala painted by Teresa Deak with kaleidoscope wands, spelling the words Pour Love Into It.She needs love. It is the only path to healing.

If you don’t join with this love for her right now, that’s okay. I hope you will pour love into the hearts that were broken, into the families who have suffered.

It is only that I can see that rage is not the answer here. Hate will not help any of us or any of them to make this journey any easier.

Only love can do that.

Only love can heal.

The only way that we can find our way back is with love.

If you can’t, I understand. Not long ago, I would not have been able to, either.

That was before my own heart busted open, before Diva poured love into me and whispered the answer.

Love wins.

Love who you can. Let the love flow fully and completely to each soul you choose.

Don’t hold anything back. Picture their broken open heart receiving the love of the Universe in all of its beauty and colour, all of its butterflies and rich light.

Send it to each family member who grieves now at their loss.

Send it to each fur-baby to ease the separation and confusion.

And if you can let it flow to her, too, join me, in pouring love into this human woman whose actions caused all of this heartbreak.

Let’s live this message. Let’s open our hearts and feel the love of the universe flow through us.

Let’s prove it’s true.

Let’s prove that love wins.

The first photo is of my Diva girl, who passed away in February. Her message to me, in a dream on the night that she passed over, was that Love Wins. I’m still unraveling it.

The second photo is a soul mandala I created with kaleidoscope wands spelling the phrase “Pour Love Into It”. This is similar to the custom soul mandalas you can buy in my gift shop, and one of the butterfly nudging tools we’ll be using to get the most of Mercury Retrograde in Retro Sundays. We’d love you to join us!

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6 Responses to Love Wins. It’s the Only Way Through

  1. Vickie May 23, 2014 at 4:10 pm #

    Absolutely beautiful! <3

  2. Janet Roper May 27, 2014 at 8:37 am #

    Incredible post, words that are so needed to be said and heard. Thank you! <3

  3. Michele Truhlik May 27, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    Wise, wise words. If only all the world could follow suit, what a dream world it would be. Beautiful post

  4. Barbara May 29, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

    love is all there is I join with you with heart in hand and arms open wide beautiful post hugggs to all she came forward

  5. Lorraine May 31, 2014 at 1:41 pm #

    I remember watching this story, and how many people expressed hatred as their way of trying to make sense. Love does not condone such actions, but It does provide a path towards clarity that hate never will. Love wins – nothing could be more powerful in simplicity. In remembering what the six souls now know, what your sweet Diva now knows and what you now know – we have a chance and a way forward too. Thank you.

  6. Caroline Kirk June 1, 2014 at 1:39 pm #

    Beautiful words, so simple, so true.. love heals, love wins 🙂

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