To Practice Release – More Learning

I make these mandalas, using a lovely app on my phone. I spell out a word using kaleidoscope wands guided by my intuition.

Soul Mandala with the power and intention of Release.To me, they are the energetic representation of the word – suitable as a motivational reminder or a meditation touch point – or even to brand a product. Most people find them beautiful and powerful in ways that are sometimes hard to describe.

Someone who has seen my mandalas sent me a link to Joe Mangrum’s amazing mandala art.

Stunning is not a powerful enough word to describe his work.

My awe goes beyond the beauty of these images – beyond the intricately detailed placement of grains of sand and the gorgeous combinations of shape and colour. These are truly and amazingly stunning on their own.

What busts open my heart with the awe of it is that each of these works that take him hours upon hours, is swept away. Not a single one remains a permanent piece. We can see photographs that record the images – but I’m certain these pale in comparison to the true impact of the actual creations.

And then they are gone.


Released from the definition these lines and colours provide.

As much as I wonder what it took for him to reach this level of artistic mastery, I equally wonder what it took for him to achieve this kind of repeated release.

The answer to both, of course, is practice.

Once again, the importance of practicing release has been beautifully illustrated for me.

Thank you, Universe, for always bringing me these messages.

Thank you, Heart, for sometimes seeing these messages, and sharing them.

Release is the catalyst to love, the doorway to ease, the path to acceptance.

Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of white and yellow tulip, its shape glowing with imperfection. She calls us to Release Perfection to allow Beauty.When I release my expectations, possibilities rise, dancing bright steps and curlicues for me.

When I release hurts from my past, I make room for love to flow and expand in my broken open heart.

When I release my words, words achingly trying to describe this path my heart journeys, I awaken the stories of others – of you – and remind you that you are not alone.

When I release my work into the world, I welcome you to join me, to join us, on these many beautiful journeys.

When I release my butterflies, they bring to the world all that each heart needs, and they bring to my heart the practice I need.

To release. Again and again, release.

Right now, in this very moment, I am releasing my need for perfection and control, as I update my site in the background and hope that you will still be reading even through any chaos this creates.

Speaking of release – we practice a lot of it during Retro Sundays. If you find Mercury Retrograde can be challenging for you, sign up here and get the support you need. It all starts May 24, and registration is open now.

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