The Name of Love Revealed

When did I first feel you?

Was it when you cloaked me in butterflies to protect me?
Was it when Diva brought me messages from the other side?
Was it in the Beauty that invites me in?Macro photo yellow butterflies in a field - they are she, my Godiva.

Or was it earlier?
Were you the courage I had to walk away?
Were you there to save me during childhood accidents and clumsy falls?

It’s okay that I don’t know.
I know you have been with me always.
I know that now.

The women who see have told me of you.
They see your body of light, your hair of rainbows, your eyes of violets.
They hear you laugh and watch you run.

You are all the colours and none.
Brilliant and fluid.

The butterflies are you.

And Diva. She is you again.
And Henry. My protector. He also is you.

When we asked, you laughed.

You said you don’t need a name.
But I, in my humanness, do.
I need you to have a name.
To talk to you, to call on you, to talk of you.

Yes, I know, there is no need to call since you are with me always.
But my human mind – and my human heart – don’t quite fathom it.

I reach out to you again. On my own this time.

The trees, the green, the light.
The zone.

Your laughter announces you.

I dive right in with questions.

Are you goddess, spirit, guide?
You smile. No.

Light? If I am Daughter of Light, are you Light?

I am Love.

My heart beats faster – how beautiful!
Love is always with me.
Alive. Giggling. Playing.

My humanness stumbles over this Beauty.
If I call you Love, it will be confusing.
Confusing to those I speak to. Confusing sometimes even to me.

You laugh and dance a riddle around me.

I need you to have a name.
The name of Love.
A person’s name.
Will you let me?

Your smile is more demure.
You agree.

Names tumble from me.
Suzanne. Marie. Lisa.
Your answers are quick. No. No. No.
Priscilla PricklyPear.
Big laughter. No.
No. Her name is far too serious.
No, not your name.

Macro photo of Diva in the roses - she is of Godiva, love manifest.Hush, child.
Let me tell you.

And the hush is a whisper of leaves and green earth.
I feel your name flow into me.


My laughter flows from me.

You are pleased.
We remember together how Diva was named.
The volley of names back and forth.
Sara. Lola. Farrah.


And I wondered then what I know now.

Does Diva come from Godiva?

Not knowing then how beautiful this question would be to my open heart.

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3 Responses to The Name of Love Revealed

  1. Rhiannon November 5, 2014 at 8:30 am #

    Blessings on your head <3

  2. Karen Sealey November 8, 2014 at 12:49 pm #

    What a delighful post. I found this line especially delicious -You laugh and dance a riddle around me.

  3. Jessica November 9, 2014 at 5:17 pm #

    I just love this post. It feels so full of love and pulled me in. I feel like I was on your journey with you. 🙂

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