Ritual Redux

Macro photo of ice longingly reflecting the freedom of trees and sky.

to this alien child
the rituals of youth
stolen by the church

were desiccated
sacredness obliterated
in fear and obligation

obscured by the years
since I abandoned them

were those rituals
really even
part of my life?

has my own distaste
for ritual
become its own
lifeless ritual?

habitual, automatic, unthinking

my life is deeper than this
my journey richer

a whisper is thrumming
within me

my rituals
await me

they are clamoring
to be discovered

Macro photo of yellow and grey butterfly taking flight from purple flowers, carrying away what is not needed.they are longing to bestow
my every day
with the sacred
to revel in the triumph
of each of my
small steps

and these prickly resistances
that jump up
at the thought and mention
of ritual

will be soothed and eased
by the love and joy
I create them with

these rituals that will
open in me
will evolve and unwind
from my eager and open heart

will be all mine
will have the mark of my making
the curious weirdness
I bring to everything

they may be small and quirky
intricate and lengthy
delicate and robust

I’ll try them on
give them space and time
and my open heart
to see which bring depth
worth repeating
and which may fly away
on butterfly wings

a grand experiment
an opening to the sacred
a beautiful dance

it’s time for ritual

My first two rituals will be timed with the moon. One will be a ritual for letting go, the other for receiving.

As I’m relearning, re-evaluating and making these rituals mine, I’d love to explore rituals that others do, to see what feels true for me.

If you use rituals for letting go or receiving, or know of rituals for them, please let me know in the comments, or pop over to my Facebook page to share.

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