What’s The Good Word? My Word For The Year – And Yours!

So here it is, the second week in January, and I’m still going on about the New Year.

Apparently, it takes me a while to process things – and I’ve decided that’s okay.

I’ve also decided that a New Year is kind of a big deal.

All of that potential!

365 days set out in front of us for us to live, breathe, accomplish and experience all it means to be spiritual beings on this human journey.

The New Year is a big deal! All of the potential of the next 365 waiting for us to dive into it.It makes sense, then, to imbue this New Year with what we want it to be.

For some of my friends, the coming of the New Year is filled with ritual – some for letting go of the year that has faded away and some for welcoming in this year ahead. Many of these rituals are beautiful, steeped in tradition, and use powerful techniques for connecting with the Divine within.

I have to admit. I’m not great with rituals.

While I can see how much they can do for our hearts, when I try to follow a ritual suggested by someone, my entire being rebels. It’s just not going to happen.

Of course, there’s also the issue of timing. I always seem to be finding my way to that “important” time at least a few days – if not weeks! – late.

For my own rebel heart, a ritual needs to be completely time-flexible, and I get to make it up with any bits and pieces that inspire me.

Or I can just drop the idea that any of it is ritual and simply ease into the year with some gentle practices that feel lovely to me.

Here’s a little something I’ve done the last few years.

My Word For The Year

The word for the year is a practice quite a few of my friends use to help set the tone for the year.

Sometimes the word is found through meditation, journaling or ritual.

Sometimes the word is chosen as something we want more of in the time ahead.

Sometimes the word simply arrives.

My word for 2015 simply arrived.

Someone asked and before I knew what I was thinking, I typed “Essence”.

I think I’ve been peering into “Essence” for a while now.

Following the call of the Butterflies, the flow of energy and my heart down to the true and real essence of the Divine whisper.

Peeling back the layers we surround ourselves in to reveal the true and pure Beauty of Love at the core.

Sharing these stunning discoveries with you – and within you.

In this coming year, I’ll be discovering, revealing, sharing and celebrating Essence.

That’s my focus. That’s the sacred centre of my year and all that happens in it.

And yet, there is more.

More than what I share and show you from this bright glowing Essence, I also have a word for you this year.

Yes, in 2015, my word for you – my offering, my wish and my revelation for your heart is –


Essence and ease.

My word for 2015 is Essence and my word for you in 2015 is Ease. Opening, revealing, celebrating the essence of ease in Master Sundays and more.

Shining facets of a brilliant gem.

You see, I don’t see ease as just the process of something being easy.

Ease can be complex and multi-layered. Ease can be a nudge for your heart. Ease can be a lifting up or a laying bare.

Or all of the above.

Ease is the deeply nourishing breath that carries essence to your soul.

Ease is the soft knowing trust that all is as it is meant to be.

Ease is the flow of Love through everything.

In my work towards Essence, I offer you ease.

Ease when the energies are most difficult.

Ease that lasts all year.

Ease that is just for you.

Three different ways to find ease for yourself all year – and one more chance to try that ease on for free.

Retro Sundays – ease for the difficult energies of Mercury retrograde – began with the shadow of Mercury retrograde and continues until March 3.

Master Sundays – ease for the whole year – is hosting Retro Sundays and ready for you to join now.

A Year Of Clearing – ease that is just for you – brings the Essence of the Sundays (energy clearing) to you in a personal individual way for the entire year.

And this Friday – January 9 – you can try that essence for free. Join in the Group Energy Clearing to see how much you like it. After Friday, the next no-cost group energy clearing will be in March or April, so if you’re curious, now is the time to join in!

As with all things of essence and ease, do not fret if the timing is difficult for you. One of the most beautiful features of these energy clearings is that they work outside of time, allowing you to receive their benefits even if you are busy at the time. Your commitment? 5 minutes or so sometime after the clearing. You can get yourself in the zone, read through my notes from the energy clearing, and feel the ease pour into you.

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