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Wave of water over gently coloured pebbles, love overflowing from my busted open heart.

Knowing Doesn’t Solve Anything

Macro photos of Diva with her squeak and waves of water over gentle pebbles. In my grief, moments of regret are heavy, yet I’m learning that knowing is not the answer.

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Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of red rose with yellow and white stamens with the butterfly message to Breathe Trust.

To follow the butterfly or not? The only answer is trust.

I have to be willing to follow the Butterfly, I have to choose to trust it. Featuring two new Butterfly Resonance Images: Follow Wonder and Breathe Trust.

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Butterfly Resonant Image | Breathe. Yellow rose bathed in warm sun gently held in green leaves. Macro photo by Teresa Deak.

Butterfly Resonant Images: They may not show butterflies, but they transmit their energy

Butterfly Resonance Images. A new moniker for the photos Teresa Deak shares. They transmit the energy and messages of butterflies through Beauty and Wonder.

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