Butterfly Resonant Images: They may not show butterflies, but they transmit their energy

My camera sees butterflies, still and quiet and ready for their closeup, far less often than it would like to.

Usually the butterflies are too fast for us, too sensitive to our movement, too intent on their tasks of feeding and exploring, to stop just for us.

So most of my photos are of flowers and other natural wonders. Water drops, dramatic lightfall or glorious juxtaposition.

The fact is, taking photos fuels me. Fills me up with Love from the Universe shared with me through Beauty and Wonder.

Fills me up so I can transmit that energy to you.

Through photos.Butterfly Resonant Image | Awaken. Brightly lit green lily bulb against near black background. Macro photo by Teresa Deak.

Through butterflies.

Energetic butterflies.

And this is where it has felt disconnected: my photos are most often not of butterflies.

But they are connected, the photos and the butterflies, I know they are.

Enter a dream sequence with a series of words that seem unrelated: Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

MRI – a way for medical doctors to look past the outsides we show to the world, and see the messages of our bodies deep within.

This is what my photos do. They look past the framework of petals and leaves, and see the energy of butterflies deep within each flower, each beautiful Love Note.

They ring perfectly with the same tonal quality of butterfly energy. They transmit butterfly energy through Beauty and Wonder shared in an image.

Let’s look at those words again.

Magnetic. There is definitely a magnetic quality to these photos. They draw you in, pull you towards them, ask you to open your heart to their messages.

Resonance. Here’s where I have to disclose that this word, and its heavy- (or over-) use of late, has been somewhat irritating to me. You’re unlikely to hear me say that “I resonate” with some message or another. In reality, though, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. Since this principle applies to anything with waves, it’s as applicable to the movement of my pendulum as it is to sound. I may even want to tell you that butterfly energy travels in waves, resonating Beauty and Wonder.

Imaging. Imagery. Images. More than just photos, these images may also spark other images, other imaginings, other flights of the soul and memories of your heart, as they do for me. As my love suggested: Imagewing. If it weren’t for the Elmer Fuddness of it, I’d probably run with this version.

Less about magnetism and more about butterfly energy, these are Butterfly Resonant Images!

They carry the messages and energy of butterflies, even when they are more often photos of flowers.

Messages to remind us to be here now. Messages that speak to our innermost heart. Messages that feel alive and filled with love. Messages like: Breathe and Awaken.

Why should this be so surprising, really? Robert A. Heinlein described butterflies as self-propelled flowers.

The reverse may also be true.

Thanks to a post by Kelly Letky, this snippet poured out from my heart:

the flower sacrifices Butterfly Resonant Image | Breathe. Yellow rose bathed in warm sun gently held in green leaves. Macro photo by Teresa Deak.
its chance at flight

to be tethered
to the surety of earth

to gift its pollen
to those with wings

to gift its beauty
to those with sight

So this is what I share:
the energy of butterflies. In photos.

Butterfly Resonance Images.

They carry the messages of butterflies, just for you. Just for your heart.

What messages do butterflies have for you? What do you think they are telling your heart? Let me know in the comments. Your word may become part of a new BRI!

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3 Responses to Butterfly Resonant Images: They may not show butterflies, but they transmit their energy

  1. Denise June 14, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

    I’ve been enjoying your pictures for a few months now. Some seem to speak louder to me than others, but they are always beautiful.

    Even though the pictures ‘speak’ to me, words seem to not do justice to what I feel. I could use words like calming, appreciation, courage, expanding, freedom, joy, delight, etc. Really though, the underlying message is always LOVE.

    Thank you Teresa for sharing the love.

  2. Kathy Henderson-Sturtz June 19, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

    Though I never thought of it before reading your post, I *totally* get your point about the butterflies missing from the photos but their energies are still being transmitted via intention.

    I’m *get* the lovely extra energies transmitted not only from the words and meaning and intentions of your posts, but in the sort of undulating font sizes of your typeface. So cool.


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