To You Who Fight For All Of Us: A Thank You And A Gift


Merriam-Webster provides the following simple definitions

: the ability to hold or contain people or things
: the largest amount or number that can be held or contained
: the ability to do something : a mental, emotional, or physical ability

Butterflies for you layered with the Essence Mandala "Thank You", a November rose, shimmers of sunlight on Peacock Ore and butterflies - all created, captured, curated and combined by Teresa Deak.I think about capacity a lot.

For me it has come to mean “how much” or “how many”. How much time do I have to devote to this? How many pets can thrive in my home and family? How many steps can I take in a day without causing undue soreness or fatigue? How many people can I offer light to? How much beauty can I pass on to the world? How much bad news can I read in one day?

We are human beings. Like it or not, we have limitations. These can be generated from outside sources like the responsibilities we have at this point in time, or they can be the limitations of our human minds and bodies.

My own capacity is greatly influenced by the nature of our successful business, by my responsibilities to our four furkids, and by my undiagnosed health issues. None of these things brings me to a full stop unless I don’t acknowledge the parameters they create for me as I go about my days.

The thing is that each of us may be able to do anything we set our minds to.

It’s just that we absolutely cannot do everything.

Finding ourselves in a situation like we are: with many vulnerable groups legitimately afraid for their safety and rights – most of us want to act. We want to do something that will help those who need it. We want to help tip the scales towards equality and peace and love.

And if we are in those vulnerable groups we want to be safe, we want to be heard, and we want to know we are not alone in this struggle.

There is no shortage of advice about what we can and should do – a good portion of it conflicting.

It’s good, though. There should be something in there that is actionable and within our personal capacity for each of us.

We are each unique.

We each have specific skills, talents and gifts. We each are good at something. And we each have a limit – a capacity – for what we can do.

I’ve been looking carefully at my own capacity. What can I do? What can I offer?

Being in Canada, I don’t really have a place to lobby or protest for change in the US. I can look here for political actions that could help. I support Fair Vote Canada to help reform our political system to improve representation and cooperation; and Basic Income – which I think could ease the economic situation for many people who are turning to blame and fear in the wake of personal financial crises. I remain vigilant about and more resolute than ever to stand up for vulnerable people especially if I witness acts of hate or bigotry.

But none of these are my gifts. I’ve got my own personal reasons for being “allergic” to activism. Also, politics is too heated for me – I don’t seem to know how to disengage my outrage when discussing policy. I don’t leave the house often, so my opportunities to be present for others are very few. My capacity for each of these is far too low to be of much help.

But I do have something else to give.

Beauty, light, energy. These are my gifts. These are what I can offer.

Rock Star Session with Angel Aura Quartz and brilliant sunlight.After recognizing the grief, and beginning to recover from the shock, I have begun moving forward, more determined than ever to share moments of Beauty to help awaken the Divine in each of us.

And I am keeping my crystal Rock Stars working. For myself, and for paid sessions, of course. My pendulum is really skilled at knowing just what you need from my crystals. And I have a large brood of crystals with energetic boosts to spare. They are here, pouring their energy out to those who need it.

Do you need a boost?

This isn’t a sales pitch. It’s a thank you. If you are out there fighting – if you are protesting, if you are calling your government representatives (especially if you hate making phone calls!), if you are starting conversations, if you are vulnerable and afraid for your safety, if you are taking action to help us find equality and peace and safety – you might be forgetting your own capacity. You might be expecting everything from yourself and you might be ignoring your own need to be supported, too.

Let me help. Let me thank you. Let me get my Rock Stars to work for you for free.

Message me, and I’ll set up a session for you. No charge. I can share the images publicly or privately – your call.

All I ask is that you are okay with my capacity.

Yes, this is new to me – floating this gift out for all to see, not knowing how many people will take me up on it. So I honestly do not know what my capacity is! I can definitely do one session for one person each week. Perhaps it will be more. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and I realize that you might not think you are eligible for this. – You are. – And you might not be willing to ask for help. – Please do. – And you might think that someone else deserves it more than you do. – They deserve it, but no more than you do.

Just to be sure we thank as many people as we can, if you are seeing someone out there who is doing the hard work and seems to be tirelessly fighting, let me know. We’ll ask them together if they will accept the little boost.

Spread the word, friends. Help me help in the way I can help.

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2 Responses to To You Who Fight For All Of Us: A Thank You And A Gift

  1. Jennifer Weiner November 19, 2016 at 2:58 pm #

    I love you, T. You’re amazing. I will share far and wide as soon as I get back to the laptop. Thank you.

  2. Janet Templeton-Heise November 19, 2016 at 5:06 pm #

    Teresa, dear heart, thank you for your offer. This time, I’m going to put your name under a couple of *my* rock stars, to support you in love and the power of magic and mystery. I did share this on fb to spread the word.
    Love to you and your rock stars, from me and mine.

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