This Is The Path Forward

For all of those times when your pace is different from those around you. Know that it’s natural. Trust.

Macro photo seeds against snow. The path forward cycles from fast to slow, like the cycles of nature.from flower
to seed
to the depths of darkness

to shoots
to buds
to flower again

as with nature
so with ourselves

our hearts
our thoughts
our bodies

our practices
our businesses
our relationships

there is no onward
not stopping
that can be sustained

there is no rest
that can be maintained

Macro photo of sun-lit bee balm in full bloom. The path forward is sometimes fast and sometimes slow, like the cycles of the ebb and flow
we find ourselves
ever turning
on this wheel

dance when you are buoyed
rest when you are slowed

ever holding
your dream
in your heart
and in your mind

feeling trust
flow in your heart
that this is the path forward
even when it is slowed

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