Wednesday Wisdom – April 13, 2016

Oh, look at what day it is! It must be time for

Wednesday Wisdom!

Let’s have a little peek behind the veil and see what the Universe wants us to see this week.

With the help of my pendulum, I’ve drawn three cards. Two are Essence Mandalas which I created by writing the words of each essence with kaleidoscope wands. One is a Butterfly Visions Oracale cards created by Jeri Totten.

3 cards, chosen by Teresa Deak's pendulum, bringing us #WednesdayWisdom on April 13, 2016. What do they say to you? How are you feeling their energy?

Take a deep breath with your eyes closed, gently asking the Universe to guide you to the wisdom you most need today. Exhale and notice which card pulls you. Perhaps there is another that pushes you away. Maybe you feel each of them, in a particular sequence. There is no wrong way to feel their wisdom – simply notice how the cards feel to you before scrolling down to find their essence.

On the left, in dark blue, is the Essence Mandala of Wisdom. How are you making room for Wisdom this beautiful week?
The card on the left, in dark blue, is the Essence Mandala:


Oh! Such a cheeky Universe! It’s #WednesdayWisdom and the wisdom she’s offering is wisdom! ha!

Look deep into your own heart. Understand that you are wise, that you are open to the guidance of the Universe, that you can move in wisdom in all you do. Do you seek wisdom within? Or do you search for answers from many sources? Wisdom is everywhere – it is in the air we breathe and the sights we see – and it is in the depths of our own hearts. Where are you finding wisdom this week? What wisdom is reaching you?

From Jeri Totten's Butterfly Visions Oracle Deck is the Patience card. How is patience showing up for you this week?
The card in the middle, from the gorgeous Butterfly Visions Oracle deck by Jeri Totten Designs is:


Just when we want to move forward – another obstacle. Another reason to wait. Another message to shift direction. This isn’t a sign to push harder – this is exactly when we need to relax and trust the Universe to untangle our path so we can see it again. Let yourself flow with it, knowing that all is unfolding as it is meant to. Our idea of the when of it all isn’t necessarily right.

Things in our life happen in their own time. Take this time to be still and not force things. Everything is Divinely guided.

On the right, in pink, is the Essence Mandala of Separation. How are you rocking separation this week?
On the right, in pink, is the Essence Mandala:


Oh, yes, the two-sided coin of Separation. Here we find you – and by you I mean me, you and each of us, individually – completely autonomous. Being wholly you without the entanglement of others’ opinions or needs. There can be such joy in this wholeness, if we can see it. There can also be pain and alone-ness – the feeling that we didn’t choose to be separate and the longing for connection. Is this a warning or an inspiration? Know that you are never truly alone, that in your separateness, we are still connected in Universal Love. You may need some time on your own this week – some time to savour and love separation.

Wednesday Wisdom

Three cards each week – this time two Essence Mandalas and a Butterfly Visions Oracle card. Did one card speak to you more than the others? Could you feel all of them at work? Is there a message in all three for you? Do you feel the energy from any of them in your day? Share your thoughts and your feelings here or on Facebook. The Universe thanks you.

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