Busy or Spiritual? It Isn’t Either/Or – You Are A Spiritual Being

You. Are. Busy.

For me it was puppies, but your busy is yours - and it doesn't mean you can't have a spiritual life and feed your soul. You are a spiritual being.

You’ve got a lot going on, and it is exhausting.

You know you want a spiritual life. You feel drawn to spiritual experiences, but you have no time.

You have unpredictable moments. Tiny windows that might let you experience something, but they sneak up on you when you least expect them.

It’s not like you can book an hour long class, or start each day with a ritual, or even remember when the moon is full – much less dive into full religious study.

I get it.

I was there for a mere 12 weeks and it was hard – unimaginably hard. I have the luxury now of just being busy, not being out-of-control busy. And still it has taken weeks for me to find a few moments to write about this.

Busy is hard.

You might be feeling the weight of it.

You might be feeling alone – and you are so not alone!

You might be feeling like you’re doing something wrong and you should be coping better.

You might feel like you’re doing great but something is missing.

You want a spiritual life.

I have good news for you, Dear One!

You have a spiritual life.

Your life. Just as it is. It’s already spiritual.

It’s already sacred.

Now, it’s true, you may want more spirituality in some form.

Of course! Part of what I feel with my own spirituality is a longing for more – more connection with the Divine. More ease in my heart of hearts. That desire for more doesn’t mean you don’t have any!

It means you recognize the healing and nourishment of it and you want more!

You are a spiritual being.

It's the #MondayMandala with layers of essence: Spiritual with Butterflies on shimmers of Peacock. All photographs and images created by Teresa Deak. You are a spiritual being.

Your rich and beautiful spiritual life has not been obliterated by your busy-ness.

It’s still there – flowing and lifting you, even when you don’t have a chance to notice.

So how do you get at that spiritual flow – how do you enrich it and become empowered with it – when you barely have time to have a shower by yourself?

Well, it’s probably not going to be in hour-long Skype calls. And it’s probably not going to be in a six month course. And it’s probably not going to be in session after session of deep-diving into the mysteries of your soul and the universe. And it’s probably not going to be through years of study.

I mean, it could be any or all of those thing – and that could be wonderful – but if you don’t have time for that shower you wanted, how will you have time for those things?

You won’t.

And there’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t.

No, it’s not wrong to be too busy for this stuff – for your soul. And, please, if anyone tells you it is wrong – that you are wrong – that you can’t have a real spiritual life without that kind of long-term commitment, please kindly throw some virtual butterflies in their face and walk in the other direction.

You are already on a spiritual journey.

You are a spiritual being.

It is my belief that you can have a rich spiritual life – and be on your soul’s journey – in delicate and gentle butterfly touches. Your heart can still learn and grow. Your mind can become more at ease with your heart. You can feel your connection to the Universe and the Divine.

And it can be in quick encounters that need no set schedule and no long-term commitment.

You can do this on your own, if you wish. Follow your heart, use your intention, keep yourself noticing the signs of the Divine that come to you. That’s all good.

And you can add a little something to that, too.

The things I do are all little butterfly touches to bring your heart ease, light and a connection to the Divine.

These butterfly touches use the nourishing powers of beauty, crystals and mandalas – to feed your soul and lighten your heart while you open to your very own spiritual journey.

I welcome you to join me – to join us – in relishing these butterfly touches. And when you want something a bit more personal – a bit more focused – you might want to to order your own session with one of my Rock Stars.

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