Wednesday Wisdom – April 20, 2016

Well, hello mid-week! Welcome!

What Wednesday Wisdom do you have for us?

I called up on my pendulum to guide us to the images we most need this week – and she brought us to three Essence Mandalas. I create each Essence Mandala by writing the word of each essence with kaleidoscope wands, so the energy of the word moves through the colours and shapes and flows right to you.

On April 20, 2016, Teresa Deak asked her pendulum to guide us to the wisdom we most need at this time. She was led to three Essence Mandalas. Which one speaks to you? How does it feel?

Take a deep breath with your eyes closed, gently asking the Universe to guide you to the wisdom you most need today. Exhale and notice which card pulls you. Perhaps there is another that pushes you away. Maybe you feel each of them, in a particular sequence. There is no wrong way to feel their wisdom – simply notice how the cards feel to you before scrolling down to find their essence.

The Essence Mandala Discover. How does its energy feel to you? How will you let Discover work with you this week?
The card on the left, in green, is the Essence Mandala:


Are you ready? Ready to set aside what you “know” and be open to what you discover? Let your heart be open to new ideas and shifts in your awareness. Let your heart – and your feet – lead you in new directions, beyond your known. What adventures may there be in these newly discovered places? What puzzles or solitude? What beauty or challenge? It can not be found until it is seen. May your eyes be open and your heart be ready.

The Essence Mandala Revelation. Do you feel its energy? How does it feel to you? What is revealing itself to you?
The card in the middle, in orange, is the Essence Mandala:


What wants to reveal itself to you? What needs to be seen by you? Is it the deepest of your heart of hearts? Or the brilliance of the Universe? (and are those not one in the same?) The revelation can only be when the witness is present. Are you willing to be witness? Or is this the time for you to reveal – for you to peel back your layers and be ready to share the deeper you?

Feel the Essence of Persepctive as you contemplate this lovely Mandala. Is this what you most need now? How does it feel to you?
On the right, in blue, is the Essence Mandala:


What is the shift, for you? Where do you find yourself in the scheme of things? Your perspective can change so much. Your view from here is your truth – and yet…you have the capacity to change your view. A shift of the frame, a nudge in another direction. What is your perspective? How can you change it to make your world better? How does your truth adjust in the new view?

Wednesday Wisdom

Three cards each week – this time all Essence Mandalas. Discover-Revelation-Perspective. Seems like the Universe might be suggesting we keep our hearts open for new understanding and a shift. Is that how you read it? Or do you feel another message? Did one card speak to you more than the others? Do you feel the energy from the mandalas in your day? Share your thoughts and your feelings here or on Facebook. The Universe thanks you.

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