Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here For Our #MondayMandala

Monday has arrived again. With all of its swirl of emotions and responsibility.

Do you love the possibilities and the fresh new start that Monday represents? Or do you struggle to get out of bed and get on with a business day after a weekend that passed to quickly?

Do you have a Monday practice that helps make it all better? How about joining in on mine? Each Monday I share a new Essence Mandala – a word made visual, bringing its energy direct to your heart to inspire, motivate, challenge or even commemorate.

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today for our


Essence Mandala Beloved, layered with Peacock Ore and butterflies - our #MondayMandala so soon after the passing of musician and philanthropist, Prince.


Drenched in the purples and rich berry colours beloved by the musical icon Prince – so recently taken from our world – layered over shimmers of Peacock Ore, surrounded by butterflies. Let your heart be warmed and nourished by the energy and essence in Beloved.

Feel the colours, lines and shapes radiate their rich love energy right to your heart. Relax your eyes, letting them softly wander along the intricacies in the colourful pattern. Notice the sensations as you lose yourself for the moment within the folds and curves, the colours and glows.

Dearest Beloved.

A whisper of intimacy. An explosion of affection. A declaration of commitment.

Who and what are Beloved to you? Who are you Beloved by? How do you show this love? How does it return to you? As you think of those beloved to you, and those who hold you as beloved, how does your heart feel? How does your Monday shift?

Next week is a whole new month! Let’s make our next #MondayMandala also our #MonthlyMandala! Do you have a word for the month of May? Your inspiration or motivation or challenge? Share it here or on Facebook – my pendulum will choose between all of your words to find the word for all of us for our month of May – and I’ll create the Essence Mandala to reflect it. I can hardly wait to read all of your words!

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