After The Work

After the work, more work. Macro photo of bee immersed in the depths of a red the end of the work
bubbling excitement
lush satisfaction

at the opening of my heart
connection to the Divine
a weaving of soul-family

at the sharing of our words
sparkling inspiration
shimmering new pathways

at the end of the work
joy overflowing
more work

I have news for you, Dear Ones. A list of lovely things that have my heart overflowing to share with you!

With just one final push the other day, my shop is open and ready for you! Pop in and take a look around at what Butterfly Power you can have for yourself! Not only that, each of the products has a place for reviews – if you have participated in a Shared Shaman’s Choice Session, have one of my pendulums, or a Gratitude Tarot deck, I’d be so grateful for you to rate it and leave a review for others to see!

There’s a whole new way for you to access butterfly wisdom. Start your 2014 with intention and guidance with a personal Butterfly Message. You’ll receive a beautiful intuitively chosen Butterfly Resonance Image in a pdf complete with its own poetic exploration. You’ll also receive a personal intuitive message by email with more about where and how to focus your attention for the new year. What will the butterflies offer you for 2014?

Some of the weights available for Shaman's Voice Pendulums as of December 6, 2013: purple and orange magnesite skulls, purple crazy lace agate, clear amethyst, faceted carnelian, red tiger's eye, botswana agate and orange coral.I’ve been gathering supplies for creating Shaman’s Voice Pendulums and now have a gorgeous selection of weights to make them with.

These include partially faceted botswana agate, shaped orange coral, faceted carnelian, an unusual clear amethyst, purple crazy lace agate, red tiger’s eye, and purple or orange magnesite skulls. Such a variety of powerful and beautiful stones.

Some of the weights available for Shaman's Whisper Pendulums as of December 6, 2013: dyed agate, clay flower, butterfly stamped turquoise, metal wire wrap balls, filigree heart, copper wire wrapped green stone, and more!For Shaman’s Whisper pendulums, I have also gathered a beautiful variety of weights to choose from.

There are blue dyed agate, butterfly stamped turquoise, metal wire wrap balls, a filigree heart, copper wire wrapped green stone, clay flower and many more pieces and parts from jewelry and other finds. Lovely pieces ready to be swayed by your heart’s whispers.

Blog with Heart AwardI’m in the running for a Blogging with Heart 2013 nomination. If you love the heart I bring to my writing, I’d be grateful if you nominated me there. Before December 22, click through to the Soul Speak site and leave a comment at the end with my name, my site and perhaps a message on how you think I bring my heart here.

Next year my first book of poetry will be published! Creative Publishing will release my poems in a real-life book! We’re still working on all the details – from editing to naming, timeline to cover art. I’m getting more and more excited as it gets closer and more real. I hope you’ll join in as I share the process with you all!

Thank you for being on this journey with me. For reading my poems and my spiritual journey. For clicking these links that bring you to more. For sharing your thoughts, your journey, your gifts from the butterflies right here in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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