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Wave of water over gently coloured pebbles, love overflowing from my busted open heart.

Knowing Doesn’t Solve Anything

Macro photos of Diva with her squeak and waves of water over gentle pebbles. In my grief, moments of regret are heavy, yet I’m learning that knowing is not the answer.

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Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of yellow swallowtail butterfly feasting on a lily.

On the question of Butterflies: The answers revealed

Butterflies as a spiritual practice: your questions answered! Featuring two new Butterfly Resonance Images: Feast on Beauty and Offer Comfort.

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One of my beliefs: we are here to experience joy.

Memoir of an Alien Princess. My origin story.

Macro photo of mating yellow butterflies in partial shadow. We are here for joy and other beliefs from an alien princess grown into butterfly oracle.

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