Ease Your Way Through Mercury Retrograde with Retro Sundays

It’s nearly that time again.

As if there isn’t already enough going on in the world, Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde. Again.

From June 7 to 30, Mercury is in retrograde. This is where the planet appears to be travelling backward in its orbit, and where its influence can seem to cause all sorts of chaos in our lives – especially in communication, technology and travel. There’s a lot more to it, so read on…

No need to panic. You have time to prepare.

You have time to back up your computer, to get those repairs done to your vehicle, to double-check your travel plans.

You have time to find a way to feel supported throughout its backward dance.

The shadow begins on May 24, as does Retro Sundays – a program of support and community, to help you ease your way through the best Mercury Retrograde ever.

Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of the heart of a peach iris with the message to Explore Within.When Mercury is retrograde, it’s not just about everything going wrong.

As the planet goes retrograde, he invites us to go deep into our hearts. To feel and understand our own inner workings. To finish up old business and consider new possibilities. To see where we might be stuck in our old ways, and to find new ways to be unstuck.

Perhaps all that outside stuff goes wrong so we can feel the relief in going inward.

It’s like Mercury is saying “leave the technology, the travel, the communication for another time, I’m just going to mess with it anyway. Focus on what’s inside for a change.”

When Mercury goes retrograde this June 7 to 30, don't face the possible chaos and confusion alone. Support yourself with energy clearings and community with Retro Sundays by Teresa Deak.So let’s do that. Let’s focus on our hearts so we can re-align with our purpose and energy and re-emerge with vitality.

You can do this all on your own. I know you can. But you don’t have to.

The thing is, when we go through anything difficult, we can make it smoother, easier, more useful and wonderful if we are in a supportive community. Having our energy supported and having a place that is safe to talk about anything that comes up, can be so valuable to us. So freeing.

And that’s what Retro Sundays is.

It is energy clearings to keep your energy supported – to make the space for calm, clarity and revitalization.

It is a secret Facebook Group with access to my Butterfly Shaman goodies – Tarot cards and butterfly messages, focus practices and mandalas – and to each other.

And it lasts through the full cycle of Mercury Retrograde, from shadow to shadow.

The shadow of Mercury retrograde, the path that Mercury takes that it will retrace when it turns around, begins on May 24. For some people, the shadow before can feel as intense as actual retrograde. Even when we know that it is a time to begin going within, we can stumble a lot as we shift our attention. It’s a good time to practice compassion and patience – even with yourself! – and to prepare for the more intense retrograde period.

From June 7 to 30, Mercury is in retrograde. This is where the planet appears to be travelling backward, and where its influence can seem to cause all sorts of chaos in the outside world. If you can, keep your schedule light. Try to schedule important meetings for before or after the retrograde. Leave yourself much more time than usual for introspection, for recovery, for rejuvenation. Know that some communication will take a lot longer than it usually does.

After traveling “backwards” for all that time, on July 1, Mercury stations direct and begins to travel “forward” again. On July 15, Mercury finally passes the point where it turned back in the first place. The influence remains with us during this shadow period. This is an excellent time to look at the shifts that we’ve had, to examine the new focus we are feeling drawn to, to consider the decisions and take the steps we’ll be taking on our new path once the shadow has lifted.

Traveled through mindfully, Mercury Retrograde can help us to be more aligned with our purpose, to feel more energized on our path.

Yes, you can do this alone, but you don’t have to. Join us for Retro Sundays and make this your best Mercury Retrograde yet.

Retro Sundays runs from May 24 through July 15, with group energy clearings and lots of discussion and goodies in the secret Facebook group. I don’t want you to have to miss this because of money. You can name your price to participate in Retro Sundays.

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