Revealed: Eight of Awareness

Eight of Awareness

the universe spiraled from meMacro photo of water drop captured by pine needles. Gratitude Tarot card Eight of Awareness: restriction embodied, the safe view of the Vast Mystery.
unfurling in dark wonder
infinite space enticing me

to fly away into her

tethered to me,
she returned to occupy me

to be held in place
by muscle and fascia
blood and skin
the ultimate obstacle

restriction embodied

and what if that which we think
holds us in place
is merely the door frame
the safe structure

with the best view

of the Vast Mystery

In the tiniest detail, the Infinite reveals herself.
Within our own restrictions we can fly beyond this moment.
See the path before you and the many layers to her answers. 

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  1. Sera January 6, 2013 at 10:04 pm #

    Sometimes we forget we need safety amidst all the chasing of the unknown. Thank you so much for the reminder, Teresa!

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