Revealed: Knight of Awareness

I have happy news about my Gratitude Tarot! It’s now available in the local metaphysical store in Vernon, BC, The Threads That bind Us. And I have to thank one of you for bringing your deck in to show her – she was excited to see the cards again and to have them available for her people!
In other good news, Michelle Amethyst Mahoney has made mention of my Gratitude Tarot in a few of her blog posts already, and today’s post is even better. In her “Understanding the Gratitude Tarot” she has several revealing observations, and a summary that I wish I’d written myself. “The Gratitude Tarot takes delight in bringing new meanings from the small. It helps you focus on details and allows you to open your heart to guidance and intuition in a new way. For that, I am thankful.” If you haven’t yet, pop over to read it.

Knight of Awareness

      it is my journey I tell
          again and again Macro photo of defiant crab spider on yellow rose petals. Gratitude Tarot card Knight of Awareness: my reflection in you shows me shimmering strength.
                         to myself

to you

a quest of
          my heart finding herself
          my story stepping into itself

in new and brighter ways

                    if I look only to me
          these steps are merely

dogged persistence
       measured tenacity
            a relic of stubbornness

yet when I check my           reflection

in you

                      I’m greeted with

                                 fierce courage
                       shimmering strength
          the shine of joyous audacity

a deeper truth to believe
        while our conspiracy of gratitude

the glow of soul-family

See your strength in this moment. You are ready to
take on any challenge. You are seen in your vitality. 

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