These words are yours

Why poems?

I have my stories. Fully experienced life held in my heart and my muscles and my mind. Colours and sound, action and smell, my stories are large and detailed.Full of  colours and sound, action and smell, my stories are large and detailed, complete within themselves.

Complete within themselves.

Within this journey of life I find snippets of awakening and peeling back layers to find Beauty and depth in the flow of days.

This flow is ours, this learning and unraveling is the way of human hearts –

our shared experience.

Yet the framework, the stories, the details to each of us is unique.

In this poem, my story awakens your story.

Taps it gently on the shoulder and points to the Beauty in its shadow.

And so these words begin as mine and are yours as soon as they leave me. They are yours to reflect, to remember, to begin a new quest from where you stand today.

Not instructions, not myths, not rigid truths. Brush strokes of words for you to dive from.

Words that sink you deep into your own truth.

These cards are yours. These words are yours. And they are mine. We are woven together in soul-family.

There’s so much excitement about how the Gratitude Tarot and Hands on Gratitude are evolving!

All of the poems are written, ready to share with you over time. Now the work of layout, design and production have begun. You’ll have the chance to have your own Hands on Gratitude Field Guide to the Gratitude Tarot soon.

It’s wonderful to be talked about.

To be interviewed in voice and doodle.

Hands on Gratitude has a new about page, a new gallery of all 79 cards, and we’d still love you to call in with your own Gratitude Story.

It’s great to welcome Gratitude seekers from Great Britain, Portugal and Switzerland now that the deck is listed on Aeclectic Tarot and orders from US and International gratitude seekers can be placed at Ohm Sweet Ohm.

The Gratitude Tarot (and me, playing Vanna!) will make an appearance in the Creating a Tarot Deck presented by Roxi Sim and Pamela Steele beginning September 11. You’ll want to join in to learn all about the 30 featured decks and their creators.

I’d love you to pop by my Hands on Gratitude on Facebook to talk about Gratitude or the Gratitude Tarot. Join a conversation, follow a link, be a part of the community. Or join the fun at the Tarot Deck Creators Facebook page to see the wide variety of decks and meet the people who created them.

And there is more excitement yet to come!

I’ll be taking the BE Energy clearing course offered by the most amazing Megan Potter. I know I’m going to use these skills. Will you join us? You could learn them too!

And I’m over-the-moon excited that I’ll be appearing on two fabulous sites! Jenny has invited me to guest post on her Up Your Impact Factor, and I get to write about Joy and Gratitude as an Insitgator on Cigdem Kobu’s A Year With Myself in November! (ps – that second one is an affiliate link)

Thank you for joining us on this journey. If you are enjoying the unfolding of Hands on Gratitude, please use those share buttons on the left to help spread the word. Sending many hugs and butterflies to you all.

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