Revealed: Strength


the moments come endlessly
stacking up on each other
each moment a choice

each choice my own

what I see between me
and my desire
may be obstacle
or gift

it’s all in my perceptionMacro photo of water drops splashing in sunlight. Gratitude Tarot card Strength: she guides the path through obstacles cloaked in the power of small.

it’s all in my choice

and in my unflagging

to navigate in these waters
takes me beyond thinking-doing
into being

strength comes

in many persuasive genres
mine cloaks herself in the

power of small

asserting her influence
on my eye
and my heart

exposing the Infinite

in the brilliance of the intimate

How does yours proclaim herself?

Courage knows the gentle path through obstacles
requires compassion and influence. Your true strength
gently carries you through times of difficulty.

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