Revealed: The Sun

The Gratitude Tarot and I have been honoured by this beautiful post Sally G wrote after receiving her deck of cards and doing a reading for her readers. Talk about paying it forward, she drew cards just for her people! Thank you, Sally, for Thank you, Thank you … !

The Sun

Luminous You

channeling your gifts of the universe
you pour the elixir for thirsting soul-familyMacro photo of pink dogwood blooms. Gratitude Tarot card The Sun: glowing within our own light we discover the gift we are here to give in soul-family

amping our natural glimmer
to expansive brilliance

I can feel the warmth of your shine

across the miles and the wires
all the way to my leaping heart

this medicine
made sweet with love and witness

released through the pure flow of

your joyful wisdom

we long to be seen in your lens
to rise to our audacious creativity

to our brightest shine

glowing within our own light
we discover

the gift we are here to give

in her surprising simplicity

and through this

we hold each other

Community flowing in Kindness
never alone

This is your time to shine.  Revel in the vitality and 
creativity of this moment, sharing your gifts with your people. 
Your Community will cheer you in your Kindness.

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  1. wholly jeanne May 2, 2012 at 6:16 am #

    your words are as beautiful as your photos. your photos are as beautiful as your heart. you just radiate beauty – the best kind of beauty. the kind that comes from your soul.

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