Revealed: The Tower

The Tower

Macro photo of leaping water. Gratitude Tarot card The Tower: all things can change in a shimmer, yet woven in soul-family, my heart will not shatter.


      radiates its possibilities
            into a thousand futures
                  every path I can imagine
                        could pour through my heart

like water

                                                changed by
                                          and changing
                                    all it touches

for all that stays present

               in each beat
            each breath       drawn       in
                           and expelled
      each footfall landing
                        after the other
      all things can change

in a shimmer

held in Thankfulness
         and woven in soul-family

my heart will not shatter

         in the blindness of
the unexpected

A sudden change is erupting, bringing with it chaos and upheaval. Grounded
in Thankfulness you will see the inspiration of these moving forces and 
feel the freedom of old structures removed.

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