Light And Love – It’s What I Do

It’s true that I believe that energy is the root of everything.

And that where we focus our energy – and our attitude – makes a vast difference in our experience of the world.

And there are some things about energy that I don’t think are always true.

Changing your energetic relationship to money will not – all on its own – fix your money problems.

When bad things happened to you or those you loved, it was not because you or they asked for them.

If you do what you love, the money will not necessarily follow.

It’s not that I think that changing your money energy or practicing kindness and a positive attitude are not good things – I think they can really help us to live better lives.

But this is a practical, sometimes inexplicable world, filled with complex beings and patterns, the true nature of which we have only a rudimentary understanding.

We need to follow our hearts and do the work.

We need to realize that not everything is in our control.

We need to accept that in some things we may have to do what we don’t want to in order to live the way we want to.

We are all walking enigmas, fueling our hearts with the spark of our own contradictions.

Lately, I have been quiet. I have not been sharing my deep thoughts. It’s not that I have stopped moving through my spiritual journey; it is more that I have been led to believe that some of you would not want me to invite you along on it.

The world is waking up. Each new day greets us with turmoil and chaos in new and overwhelming ways.

Each day I see my friends far and wide sharing their thoughts and feelings about the turmoil and chaos.

Many of my friends have taken up causes, becoming activists for the betterment of our world. To each of you, I say thank you.

But also, I say, please stop telling me that it is wrong for me to continue to share light and love.

The Essence of Light And Love in a Mandala placed over shimmers of Iron Pyrite, created by Teresa Deak.Like the other energetic beliefs I shared above, I do not believe that light and love alone can right the wrongs and save our world.

But I believe they can help.

And I know that light and love are what I can offer.

Each soul has a place in this awakening. For some of us it is activism; for some of us, it is action. For some of us, it is light and ease and comfort.

I can only do what I can do.

What you tell me is wrong or incomplete or not enough – or worse – might actually help someone, even for a moment, even just a little.

For me, the only part of the world I truly can change is my own heart. And my own heart longs to share light and love to lift others and itself.

This is what I do. Taken together with what you and others do with activism and action, we can heal the world together. Let’s do that, okay?

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