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Butterfly and Ametrine point in the midst of a Rock The Butterfly Essence Session.Its about to get better!

The Rock The Butterfly Essence is already a beautiful and profound way to bring you just the type of boost you need, and now I’ve added a layer that makes it more powerful and personal for you – that adds your own personal power to its boost.

You may be wondering what I’m talking about.

This is how a Rock The Butterfly Essence session goes

I start by choosing a butterfly for you, then I tap into your energy remotely. It’s so easy for you because there is nothing you need to do on your end for this to work, and you can be anywhere in the world, doing anything you need to be doing at the time. Holding your butterfly, and tapped in to your energy, I ask my pendulum to guide us to the crystal Rock Star with the energy that you need most. Once I get a yes, I place your butterfly with that Rock Star and I step right out of the stream.

You get to receive the crystal’s energy without having to walk around with a crystal all day, and you get spiritual support no matter how busy you are.

It’s a sweet arrangement – powerful and profound and truly helpful.

So how do we make such a good thing even better?

Let’s add your personal power to that butterfly.

Up until now I have cut the butterflies out of an Essence Mandala. While each mandala has powerful energetic properties, I have randomly chosen each butterfly for each participant. Those who have regular sessions with the butterflies have kept their own butterfly, but I didn’t keep track of its origin.

Since each layer of each part of each session has meaning and energy, it’s possible that the energy from the original essence mandala can have an effect on the crystal’s energy and interaction with you.

So let’s make a mindful decision to make this butterfly all yours. I’m pleased to introduce to you the:

Namesake Essence Butterfly

The Essence Mandala created from K's nameIt’s a process that creates a butterfly that is specific to you, to be used in our remote energy work together.

First is the Essence Mandala of your name. It’s important that I use the name that you most energetically connect with. Whether that is your birth name, a spiritual name, or even a nickname.

K's Namesake Essence Mandala layered with shimmers of Peacock Ore.I write your name with Kaleidoscope wands to create a mandala that radiates with your essence. Here we see the raw mandala for K, one of my beautiful regular Rock Star users.

Again, I add layers. First making the mandala full and complete, then adding another image as a layer in the background.

With this mandala, the background is shimmers of Peacock Ore that I photographed on my altar in bright morning sunshine. Peacock Ore is a favourite of K’s, and it helps us to see the joy in all situations, and to appreciate Divine timing.

The layered Namesake Essence Mandala for K, printed and ready to become butterflies.Next I print the beautiful Namesake Essence Mandala, to ready it to become butterflies.

Creating the Namesake Essence Butterflies for K.
In the following steps I cut the mandala print into strips and then punch the butterflies from it.

One mandala can produce 9 Namesake Essence Butterflies that we can use for personal remote energy sessions like Rock The Butterfly Essence.

Each butterfly carries the energetic essence of its namesake, allowing a more personal, powerful and direct connection with you each time we use these butterflies in remote spiritual work.

I’m still setting the Namesake Essence Butterfly as a product you can purchase on my site. It looks like it will have a value of $33 for your personalized set.

While I’m getting that ready, though, I’d love to create more of these for you!

Here’s my offer: I’ll create a Namesake Essence Butterfly set as a gift for the next three people who order 3 or more Rock The Butterfly Essence sessions.

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