Is my pendulum broken? Why won’t it answer me?

As I sat down to write this, I asked my pendulum for clarity.

Show me a yes. She swung front to back as usual.

Butterfly Shaman Teresa Deak demonstrating using her pendulum. What do you do when your pendulum won't give you a yes or no answer?Show me a no. She circled clockwise as usual.

Do you have a way to show me maybe? She swung front to back to say yes.

Show me a maybe. She circled counter clockwise.

I decided to test her: Is this a yes? She kept spinning counter clockwise. Is this a no? She spun stronger counter clockwise.

I guess since a maybe may be a yes and may be a no, answering maybe to both may have been accurate.

So, I decided to get tricky. Word to the wise – it’s unwise to get tricky with your pendulum. Read on to see why…

Do you have a way to show me I don’t know? She spun stronger counter clockwise. Did she mean maybe she has a way to show me she doesn’t know? Or did she mean that maybe and I don’t know are the same motion?

Either way, I felt like she was being cheeky, probably because I had been tricky. I put the pendulum down and decided to write this anyway.

So the question was – what if the pendulum swings in a way that is not a yes and is not a no. What does that mean?

It could mean a lot of things. Does that surprise you?

I thought not.

What we know about how a pendulum works is that it is a weight on a string controlled by your muscles and tendons and ligaments, at a level that is far deeper than your conscious mind.

What I like to call your deepest inner knowing.

That deep inner knowing may be influenced by external energy and intuition, so it may have the ability to answer correctly questions to which you have no way of knowing the answers.

It seems magical, but this is no sleight of hand.

The answers your pendulum gives are the best information it has at that time, based on the energy that is flowing through it.

So why won’t my pendulum just say yes or no?

I can think of several scenarios that could answer this. Here they are, with suggestions about how you might get a clearer answer from your pendulum.

That question doesn’t have a yes or no answer. Try asking another question, or asking the question another way. Even ask the pendulum “is there a different scenario that you could answer with yes or no?”

The answer to that question isn’t available at this time. There may be a lot that may happen between now and the when your question is answered. It may be that some of those things need to happen to reduce the number of variables that can influence the answer before your intuition and pendulum can be confident about the answer. To see if this is the issue, try asking your pendulum if it can answer this question now. If you get a no, ask the pendulum if it is a good idea to ask the question at a later time.

Your pendulum can’t hear your intuition. We humans often can’t hear our own intuition. With life, worries, our bodies and all that stuff that goes on around us, it’s often hard to become still and quiet enough to make out any of that intuition stuff. In fact, that may be why you’re using a pendulum in the first place – to amplify your intuition so you can actually hear it. Sometimes, though, all of that other noise is still too much, and even your pendulum can’t hear it over the din of you. Try grounding, clearing, meditating or any other quieting practice you use before you ask again.

Your pendulum is being cheeky. One of my instructors wanted us to remember that the pendulum is there as a tool for us, and that it should be obedient to our requests. Sometimes, though, it may simply be a naughty puppy that we have to scold. Try saying “Naughty pendulum. I don’t understand your answer. Please be more clear.”

You may also want to do the exercise at the beginning of this post to see if your pendulum has an “I don’t know” or a “maybe” signal. But try to resist the urge to get tricky with it. You know it will just be cheeky in return.

Has your pendulum ever given you an answer you didn’t understand? Or refused to answer a question? What do you think that meant? How did you respond to it?

Were you looking for the basics of how to use your pendulum? I wrote about that here in Ask Your Pendulum.

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4 Responses to Is my pendulum broken? Why won’t it answer me?

  1. Susan Speaks With Spirit June 11, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    Sometimes Universe throws us off a tool to get us out of our comfort zone. If you’ve cleared and still can’t get a straight answer, it might be Universe’s way of saying: “You’ve outgrown this. Move on to something new. Trust your instincts. “

  2. Shaun Hoobler July 23, 2013 at 3:29 am #

    I’m lucky when my pendulum talks to me. Because most of the time it doesn’t. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong?

  3. Noelle Johnson October 15, 2015 at 6:16 pm #

    I just learned the hard way that I shouldn\’t let anyone else hold my pendulum. Especially my best friend, who is very spiritually inclined. The only thing I can think of is that, when I let her hold it, my pendulum soaked up her excess energies like a ShamWow. I asked it \”Can you should me yes?\” It swung clockwise. I asked \”Can you show me no?\” It hummed in place. I asked \”Is my name Noelle?\” It started to swing no, then yes, then spun counter-clockwise.I\’m cleaning it in salt water right now, hoping to get rid of my best friend\’s energies.

  4. Holistic Health November 18, 2016 at 6:38 pm #

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article. Thank you for providing this info.

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