Receiving Ritual – Moon In Sun Sign

This is my first ritual for receiving, timed to coincide with the moon entering my sun sign, Libra, at 10:23 am pacific time February 17, 2014.

A little while before I started, I sent out butterflies, ensuring that something was given before something is to be received. To me, this helps to remind me to trust in generosity and love as a pathway to receive.

I ready myself with my pendulum. A gentle clearing to begin, to allow the energy to move fluidly and beautifully through me.

There is a nudge to have symbols for this receiving, and so I place my opened, heart-shaped box, with my pendulum and a big rough piece of goldstone.

My first ever receive ritual begins with my pendulum, goldstone and an open heart box.Goldstone was originally created when alchemists were working towards creating gold. It is now known as a transmitter stone that causes light to pass through you, energizing you and encouraging positive attitude.

This heart is open, ready to receive what is meant to be here. All that is needed to thrive, to burn with the light of the Source, to move forward and upward on my path.

I open this with trust that what arrives is for my best and highest good. I trust that my open heart will receive the lessons with grace and will be grateful for every gift.

I welcome the light and it’s energy to flow into me and through me. I receive all that the Universe provides.

This is a time of bright light and robust energy. Let it flow, too, with love and grace.

Macro photo of double yellow orange tulip open and ready to receive the sun and the flow of the are welcome
in my heart
in my life

you who bring
and lessons
meant for me

you who offer
the world
and the universe

you who arrive
on colourful wings
you who bring
butterfly kisses

may my whole self
heart and mind
eyes and material world

share in your
beautiful offerings
in all that you bring

may I receive
with grace
and gratitude
and love

thank you

Once more I hold my pendulum. Ritual complete, I do one more clearing and grounding of myself, and prepare this post for you.

I am ready to see what arrives in the coming days, ready to celebrate and welcome everything.

Does this ritual feel like it could be yours, too? Feel free to try it at a time that seems right to you. If you feel drawn to, share with us how it was for you.

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