Revealed – Your Heart: Held – 1:1 Butterfly Time

Squeee!!!! I’m so excited!

I hope it’s as much fun to read a blog post that starts with “Squeee!!!!” as it is to write!

The thing is, I’m a little bit over-the-moon excited right now. Perhaps that’s already obvious, but I just have to say it again…

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hoooraayyyy! Yaaaaayyy!!!

I can finally show you!!!

Yes, today is the day that I reveal to you my latest offering.

Your Heart: Held - six weeks with the Butterfly Shaman

Your Heart:Held (YH:H for short) is 1:1 connection for your heart, with me and all my tools.

Here’s the thing.

I have been creating this for you for a very long time.

I’ve done this sort of work with friends and associates for many years. Listening, offering insight, hope, positivity and my big-hearted ears.

The difference is, now I have all of these gorgeous and soul-helping tools to enhance this heart connection.

This didn’t happen by accident, either. I knew I wanted to bring this to you.

So, I had to begin.

Revealing Your Heart: Held  - 6 weeks with the Butterfly Shaman. Macro photo of water drops on bleeding heart flowers.For the last few months I have worked with alpha testers: women in vastly different phases of their lives, working through life events that were challenging for their spirits.

My tools and my heart brought their hearts some ease – and oh! what a beautiful experience!

Beautiful and so informative, too! I learned things from this that will help make my new beta offering so much better for you.

  • Being almost-on-call is optimum for my people. Your heart doesn’t follow a set schedule, and can’t always be relied on to wait until the next meeting.
  • Six weeks gives us breathing and working room. It’s long enough to know we don’t have to hurry, and has a definite end so we stay focused on what we’re there for.
  • My tools have a way of telling me what is most useful to you right now. I ask my pendulum to guide me to the particular soul-food you need. It seems to be more powerful for us both, as we set aside what we think we need and let intuition guide us. Sometimes I offer my Butterfly Rabble a little something and I let the pendulum choose then, too. I call it Shaman’s choice. I think it has a nice ring to it.
  • All of my alphas preferred text-based on-line chat for our communications. I liked this, too. I had room to keep that connection open, typing responses and questions while I also shared images and energetic practices during each session.
  • It’s important for me to be available both when things feel intensely difficult and during the calmer moments.

All of these wonderful insights helped me know what to offer in my first ever one-to-one heart offering.

I’m so grateful for my alphas! And I’m so grateful for you, for waiting for this, for being ready for it when I am, for being here on this Butterfly Journey.

And quite a journey it has already been!

It’s one thing to have something to offer. It becomes completely another to find a name for it and the words to describe it. Especially since it seems like nothing I’ve ever really seen before.

It took time. It took working with my alphas and getting their feedback. There were conversations with trusted friends and colleagues. There were long sessions with the Thesaurus. Much more practice with my tools. And boatloads of trust and acceptance.

It was only in the flow of this that it all came together. Only in the knowing that what I needed would be there when it was needed. That what I need (and what you need) is always available to you if you are willing to accept it. Because it doesn’t always look the way we expect it to!

With barely a week to go before the launch date – a date chosen with the help of Theresa the Tarot Lady, to launch during an auspicious moon for me – the name finally arrived.

Your Heart: Held - 6 weeks with the Butterfly ShamanA name that is a description of how this feels.

Your Heart: Held.

Your heart: not alone, not stifled, held in warmth and love and joyous wonder.

And then, with just days to go, the words. Finally! the words arrived in a big delicious toreent. Once they got going they just flowed forth.

Words to describe how this feels, why you might need it, how you know if it’s for you (or not for you!). It. Just. Flowed.

Even the images kind of jumped out to me on as I started my search through all those photos I take.

These last few days have been filled with the excitement of beauty and wonder having a tango through my heart.

And I couldn’t be more excited! It was so worth the wait.

I’d love you to check out my new Your Heart: Held offering here.

And let us all know: What have you had to trust, to wait for?

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