Choose your course, set a goal, and be ready to dance!

I dig in a bit – seeking revelation and understanding and big beautiful a-has – and find contradiction. I look deeper and I find more of the same. A paradox within every belief.

This one can be especially entangling.

One of my strong beliefs is that there is no-one is more qualified to know what is right for you and for your heart, than you.

Yes, you and your blessed soul – the Divine that sparkles deep within you – know better than any boss or guru, any fortune teller or employment counsellor.

Truth. Deep truth.

And while any and all of those people may help you find your way to the thing that is yours – especially since it sometimes likes to hide beneath fears and under protective barriers – it is only your heart that can see, with a holy a-ha, that this is it.

It’s even true for the little stuff. The small decisions, the medium sized goals, the longings of the heart. We can walk there together, hearts embraced and interconnected, but it is you and only you who feel in the deepest of your knowing, the answers that are right for you.

Yet, I see a flipside to this. A paradox of the highest order.

We are every type of vain to think we know better than the universe what should be happening in our lives.

Our point of view is lacking – flat, even. All we know is what we have seen, and maybe, just maybe, the inklings in our hearts.

We can’t see the infinite possibilities in our now and in our future, all the immeasurably beautiful – and, yes, sometimes achingly painful – ways the Universe can touch our lives and make our hearts soar.

We can know it when we see it, we just can’t seem to see it coming.

Even more, there’s just so much we don’t know!

We don’t know why things turn out the way they do, we don’t know what other people are thinking or why they do the things they do, we don’t know what the next miracle – or the next big scary thing – will be.

Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of water drop reflecting green and pink of millet grass.And as humans, we just want to know. Not knowing sometimes feels as scary as the big scary things are. But it’s not.

Not-knowing is a neutral place, where energy flows at a different pace. It flows in feelings and sensations and time that seems to stand still. All this flow lacks is information. And that’s okay.

What is life without surprises? Without possibilities, choices, potential, chance encounters?

Think of some of the things that you didn’t see coming. Some of the things that you could never have predicted, that weren’t part of your plan, that caused you to pivot right where you were.

Some of those surprises were pretty great, right?

And even the not great ones opened your heart to more understanding, more compassion, a deeper connection, more beautiful strength, a new view.

Oh, yes, that pesky future that we just can’t seem to know.

We can’t see it, we can’t imagine it, because all we know is what we’ve seen, what we’ve experienced before. And the future and the present hold so much more than what we see.

We can set a course.

We can have our goals.

We can begin the journey.

But if we pursue that goal without distraction, without an open mind, with dogged and pure unwavering determination, we can miss so many opportunities for joy, love, adventure, fulfillment.

We humans want to know. We want to know where we’re going. We want to know what it will be like when we get there. We want to know that this action causes that reaction, that this turn takes us towards the finish line.

But the universe simply knows more than we do.

There is more than one way to get where we’re going, more than one reaction we can cause, more than one finish line that turn could take us towards. And some of those may be so much more of what we want than we could have ever imagined.

If we stay focused on how we want to feel, which values are most important to us, what we want from this life, we’ll live the life that we’ll love the most.

Even if it’s not what we imagined.

Especially if it’s not what we imagined.

Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of sand coloured snail on magenta impatiens flower.When the universe throws a little of the unexpected in our path, we can make it part of the dance or we can stumble and fall.

Which would you rather do? Sway along with the universe, or stagger under the weight of not getting what you want?

Our wants, our decisions, our choices, our desires are only as big and as bright as we can imagine.

And we can only imagine what we know.

And there’s a whole universe out there of things we don’t know.

So, yes, chart your course, aim for your dreams, and also, always be ready to dance!

Do you need some help being ready to dance? Want some support to shift to accepting and pivoting instead of knowing better and pushing? Watch for my new offering – a way to work with me 1:1 – launching August 12.

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