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Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of orange yellow lily with white yucca flowers with the message to Welcome Ease.

Mercury Retrograde? What’s that?

Mercury Retrograde is more than just the frustrations it causes, and the butterflies (with the Butterfly Shaman) are the ideal companions to get the most from it.

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Butterfly Resonant Image | Breathe. Yellow rose bathed in warm sun gently held in green leaves. Macro photo by Teresa Deak.

Butterfly Resonant Images: They may not show butterflies, but they transmit their energy

Butterfly Resonance Images. A new moniker for the photos Teresa Deak shares. They transmit the energy and messages of butterflies through Beauty and Wonder.

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The Butterfly Rabble group on Facebook is where we gather to make some butterfly noise together.

Where are all the butterflies these days? In a joyful rabble!

Rabble is a collective noun to describe a group of butterflies. It’s also the noisy irreverent Facebook home for my butterflies: the Butterfly Rabble. Join us.

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