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It's the #MondayMandala with layers of essence: Spiritual with Butterflies on shimmers of Peacock. All photographs and images created by Teresa Deak.

Busy or Spiritual? It Isn’t Either/Or – You Are A Spiritual Being

You are busy. Too busy to devote a lot of time to your spiritual journey. Not a problem. You are a spiritual being. Use butterfly touches to nourish your soul. Teresa Deak can help with that.

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Mandala written with kaleidoscope wands with the glows with the essence of Seeking Sacred. Mandala created by Teresa Deak.

In Search Of Sacred – What We Seek Is Already Here

We are all in search of Sacred, yet she is always within us. Perhaps it is feeling that connection with the Divine that we crave. May our spiritual practices bring us this feeling over and over again.

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The eseence of nurturing glows from this custom mandala made intuitively with Kaleidoscope wands by Teresa Deak.

Writers’ Process Blog Tour

We are celebrating writers and writing with the Writers’ Process Blog Tour. Read about Teresa Deak’s process and follow the tour to 4 more fabulous writers.

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