In Search Of Sacred – What We Seek Is Already Here

This line of spiritual insight beckons me to follow it.

Everything is sacred.

I’ve said this before through poem and through investigation.

Mandala written with kaleidoscope wands with the glows with the essence of Seeking Sacred. Mandala created by Teresa Deak.My heart tells me the truth of this.

My whole self sinks into the bliss of it.

Every moment, every breath, every thought, every word, every action.

All Sacred.

Even the moments when we aren’t our best. Even the actions we didn’t think through.

It’s all sacred.

All formed within our constant connection to the Divine.

One of those big Truths that we know is only part of the bigger truth, yet is such a heart-opening idea that we need to spend more time with it.

Everything – every moment, every person, every breath – is part of is the Divine.

But this leads to a very big question.

If the Divine is always with us –

What is it that we seek?

So many of us are looking, asking, seeking, hoping.

Constantly, fervently, persistently.

The specifics we seek may vary between us.

Peace, freedom, love.

Enlightenment, the Divine, God.

By all of these names and more, we seek her.

Our hearts are in Search of Sacred.

Yet, she is always there.

Like breath. Like the beating of your heart. Like the all-but-invisible lining of each cell.

We can’t be without those, just as we can’t be without the Divine.

But sometimes Sacred – the Divine – feels so very far away.

We can know in our minds that we are connected, understand intellectually that we cannot be without her.

But our hearts need Sacred, too.

So maybe what we seek is the feeling of Sacred.

We need to feel connected to the Divine.

If I follow this a little further I might suggest that

  • spirituality is feeling connected with the Divine.
  • spiritual practices are all of the things we do that help us feel that connection with the Divine – our thoughts, words, actions and creations.
  • enlightenment is feeling connected with the Divine more often than not.

So it follows that for each of us, spirituality and our spiritual practices will be as unique as the make up of our cells.

Hopefully, we approach this with wonder and adventure, trying many different ways to make that connection, and continuing on with those that really feel right for us.

My own approach has been this gathering of spiritual helpers – from runes and tarot cards, to an app to create mandalas, and crystals for making pendulums. As new ideas and approaches arrive, I often integrate them right away, letting them show me how they fit into my particular spiritual set.

This is also what I bring to you.

These practices and helpers, these thoughts and actions, these healing butterflies and energy clearings are yours to try and keep what fits.

Some of these will feel better than others. Some will not work for you at all.

That’s okay.

The trying, the choosing, the keeping, the releasing – all of that is sacred, too.

For many of us, the need for these spiritual practices kind of floats off in the background, until we find ourselves challenged and in difficulty.

That’s normal. (And, guess what? Even that is sacred!)

For some of us, we are ready to explore now, and to be ready for the challenging times ahead.

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Let’s explore together which spiritual practices light your heart up.

What are your thoughts about this approach to spirituality? How does this idea of feeling the Divine fit in with your belief system?

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  1. Arwen August 13, 2014 at 7:31 am #

    Is that the Joy rune? I think I recognize it as Punjo? My rune knowledge is sketchy. 😀 I love this approach. It reminds me that just sitting quietly in the beautiful day can be that connection.

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