Light, Transformation, and Divine Love

The light you see in me is not mine.

Bokeh from Goldstone, a surprise gift of light and perspective.More like the lighthouse than the lamp, I am the vessel for the light.

The light of the Universe. The light of the Infinite.

I’m so grateful!

Because it is not me, the light need not stop because my own fire is low.

Indeed, I can show you this light, even when I feel surrounded by the dark.

I can share this Beauty, even when my heart feels ugly.

I can offer you butterflies of comfort and love, even when I am raw with grief.

The Divine flows, even when I am stuck.

This light saves me from the labyrinth of my mind. Lifts us above the worries that swirl through me.

This light is not me. This is the Divine.

I am honoured to share her light.

Thrilled to show her Beauty to you.

She is what flows and she is what feeds me, what feeds us.

Her light and beauty are the fuel for our souls and the promise of hope.

For no matter where we are – in the dark, deep within change, heavy with grief – her light will always be there, ready for us to receive it.

There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that this light is something I can pass on to you, and that it never needs to be about me or where I am.

Because I know that I am like you:

Always in the midst of transformation.

Macro photo of Diva in the roses - she is of Godiva, love manifest.In each breath, each moment, each day, each week – we are always in change, in growth, in movement towards our highest self.

And sometimes that change feels very hard.

And sometimes it is so dark in the depths of it that there seems to be no hope.

And sometimes the path seems so twisted that it feels like we are moving backward.

And yet.

These breaths and moments and days and weeks leave their layers upon us, changing us in ways that do not always show their beauty at first.

All the love and loss, the confusion and clarity, the worry and the joy.

That change, that transformation, is the stuff of life.

The essence of our experience.

And those layers, held in love, lit with the light of the Divine, become our most beautiful soul.

They combine into new and beautiful facets that might never exist but for the darkness we’ve traveled through.

They soften and become just transparent enough to see the other layers that have found their way to our hearts, too.

Together, their beauty is undeniable, rich, nourishing.

A reminder of the light of the Divine, flowing through us.

And just how do I let that love flow, even when I’m in the dark?

I have so many tools at the ready.

Butterflies and crystals, my camera and mandalas, and always and forever, cards.

Yes, Tarot and Oracle Cards offer guidance, wisdom, a new point of view.

And Beauty.

And I have had the intense honour and pleasure of contributing a card to a collaborative project led by Amethyst Mahoney.

Divine Love Oracle Deck

In a twist of synchronicity, Amethyst asked me to create the Transformation Card – a gorgeous opportunity to show you the layers I’ve tried to describe.My Transformation Card for the collaborative Divine Love Oracle Deck led by Amethyst Mahoney.

In this card we find goldstone reflecting sunlight in bright circles of natural bokeh. This layer is duplicated and flipped – another perspective of light and beauty.

Washed with purple, the light and bokeh are transformed into wisdom.

There is a layer of Diva in my favourite memory of her, brightly looking between the roses. She is love and Beauty and an intricate part of transformation and this card.

There is the Essence Mandala of Transformation – created with the very letters of the word drawn with my kaleidoscope wand.

First in its original size, then zoomed in so large it flows over the edges of the card. Within this larger mandala, there are transparent windows showing the original transformation peeking through.

Transformation transformed in layers of itself.

Above it all, a butterfly. A yellow swallowtail who visited my yard time and again, as I helped ‘Cuda balance. Her wings to lift our spirits, her presence a reminder that transformation leads to Beauty.

Perhaps you would like your own Divine Love Oracle Deck?

You can pre-order and get some great perks with it at the Indiegogo page. Have a look through the gallery to see some of the other amazing cards included in the deck!

Don’t delay, though. The perks are only available until the end of October! After that you’ll be able to order a deck, but not any of the extras!

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    I love this! Great info to reflect on 🙂

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