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Just like the light, the fallen down and decayed is also sacred. Everything is sacred.

Of Butterflies and Taxes; Accepting the Sacredness Of Everything

After digging out from a difficult task, there is light and realization. In the sacredness of everything, taxes stand beside butterflies. A sacred rite.

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What Is Energy Clearing? Join Us To Try It For Yourself!

Everything is energy. Energy is everything. It’s in everything, it drives everything, it defines everything, it is everything. Energy. And yet, we have so few words that truly describe it. Essence, life force, qi, spirit. Yes, all of these, yet none of them. Similar to the way that energy works outside of our constraints of […]

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Mandala written with kaleidoscope wands with the glows with the essence of Seeking Sacred. Mandala created by Teresa Deak.

In Search Of Sacred – What We Seek Is Already Here

We are all in search of Sacred, yet she is always within us. Perhaps it is feeling that connection with the Divine that we crave. May our spiritual practices bring us this feeling over and over again.

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Soul Mandala with the essence of everything, because that's what is sacred. Everything.

Accepting That Everything Is Sacred

Everything is sacred. One day this thought landed in my heart, as if whispered there by the Infinite. I had heard this before, of course, but I had questioned it. You see, love and joy and beauty were easy to see as sacred. But how could pain and suffering, anger and frustration, worry and sadness […]

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Macro photo of sun warmed white dogwood flower, one petal gone, floating in darkness.

Know This, My Heart: Everything Is Sacred

Macro photo of sun warmed white dogwood flower, one petal gone, floating in darkness; another of amber red glass glowing with sun, a vision from Diva. Everything is Sacred

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