My Wish For You: Ease

Ease essence mandala. You can have support and ease that ebbs and flows with the energy of the year.My wish for you – for Christmas and the rapidly approaching new year

and always:


Whatever arrives, whatever leaves, whatever touches your heart, may there also be love and breath and space.

May you feel the nourishing flow of the Divine in all you do.

May your energy ebb and flow in alignment with the Universe.

May you breathe ease and know love.

This is not only a wish, it is also an offer.

My butterflies and I can help bring you ease.

All year.

Or just when you need it most.

Three ways to receive support and ease – and you get to choose!

Retro Sundays – support and ease through Mercury retrograde and its shadows – a time when many of us find things get off-kilter. Each session is about eight weeks long.

Twice weekly group energy clearings during the most intense parts of the retrograde, butterfly nudges on non-clearing days, all in a supportive and private Facebook group.

Master Sundays – full participation in all Retro Sundays (there are 3 and a 4th starts in the 2015 calendar year) and more!

Stay in the group all year and between runs of Retro Sundays we’ll have at least one group energy clearing each month and at least two butterfly nudges each week. Each participant will receive a full elemental personal clearing and an opening conversation to help guide your year towards ease.

A Year of Clearing – individual support and ease outside of the Facebook group.

Receive a personal energy clearing each month throughout the year. If you are in Master Sundays, you’ll receive 13! You get to pick the reason, the type and the timing of each clearing.

Or, to look at it another way:

Retro Sundays

Master Sundays

A Year Of Clearing

Group Energy Clearings

Twice weekly during Mercury retrograde and its shadows Same as Retro Sundays each time it runs, plus once monthly

Supportive Community

During eight weeks of Mercury retrograde and its shadows All fifty-two weeks from the time you join

Butterfly Nudges

On non-clearing days during Mercury retrograde and its shadows Same as Retro Sundays plus two days per week between Retro Sundays During your welcome conversation

Personal Energy Clearing

Within first month of joining Once per month when you most need it

Welcome Conversation

Investigate power & opposing moons to help you best manage your schedule and energy Same as in Master Sundays within first month of joining




Pay over 3 months

$175.00 / month

$92.00 / month

Pay over 10 months

$54.00 / month

$29.00 / month

I'd love for you to have both Master Sundays and A Year Of Clearing. Sign up for one and I'll send you a $23 off coupon for the other.

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