Wednesday Wisdom – April 27, 2016

We are mid-week again, with all of the celebration and trepidation that comes with “hump day”. (and there might be a little extra blerg what with Mercury in retrograde and all) It must be time for some

Wednesday Wisdom

I called upon my pendulum to guide us to the images we most need this week – and she brought us to three Essence Mandalas. I create each Essence Mandala by writing the word of each essence with kaleidoscope wands, so the energy of the word moves through the colours and shapes and flows right to you.

For #WednesdayWisdom on April 27, 2016, Teresa Deak followed the guidance of her pendulum to share 3 Essence Mandalas. She created each of these by writing the word of its essence with kaleidoscope wands, to carry that energy directly to your heart. Which of these mandalas is for you? Is it only one? Do you feel a pull or a nudge? Or do you feel resistance to it?

Take a deep breath with your eyes closed, gently asking the Universe to guide you to the wisdom you most need today. Exhale and notice which card pulls you. Perhaps there is another that pushes you away. Maybe you feel each of them, in a particular sequence. There is no wrong way to feel their wisdom – simply notice how the cards feel to you before scrolling down to find their essence.

Emerge. Feel the essence of this powerful word as you sink into the mandala. Let yourself be carried away on as your heart and path emerge.
The card on the left, in blue, is the Essence Mandala:


What have you been hiding? How have you been keeping your truest, most beautiful self cloaked away from us? Shake off the mask, pull back the veils, and dance forward into our view! Let our hearts see the real you – the whole you – emerge and join us on this beautiful journey!

Teresa Deak wrote Motivation with her Kaleidoscope wands to create a mandala whose very energy and essence flows directly to your heart.
The card in the middle, in yellow, is the Essence Mandala:


There are times when she hides herself away – when she keeps her magic obscured by the thousand distractions demanding of us. We need her to be reminded of our journey, of its importance, of our souls. When we can’t find her on our own, an injection of her power can help spark our motivation all over again. Let these colours and swirls pour into you, bringing back to your now all the reasons you started.

Created to carry the essence of Tenacity directly to your heart, this Essence Mandala radiates the energy through colour and curve.
On the right, in green, is the Essence Mandala:


Hang on. Stick to it. Don’t give up. We’re not done yet. Tenacity eats problems for breakfast and climbs over every obstacle that piles up in her way. She knows that the ebb and flow that marks your progress is the natural pattern. She knows that a pause is not a stop and that every step – no matter how small – counts. She whispers – and sometimes shouts – You’ve got this! Keep going!

Wednesday Wisdom

Three cards each week – this time all Essence Mandalas. Emerge – Motivation – Tenacity. I’m feeling the cards describing our journey, encouraging us to open to the process. It’s not always going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it. Is that how you read it? Or do you feel another message? Did one card speak to you more than the others? Do you need a little top-up of this energy? Let the mandalas pour their energy into you. Now how does that feel? Share your thoughts and your feelings here or on Facebook. The Universe thanks you.

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