May 2016 #MonthlyMandala – Noticing

Welcome to May!

It is a new month and a wonderful chance to set our intentions and desire for the next few weeks, with our #MonthlyMandala.

Every month – every day – every moment – is filled with so much! Things to see, to touch, to hear, to taste, to smell. Things to feel, to desire, to heal, to share, to let go of.

We receive these things – sacred things every one of them – in the state of our own hearts and our own minds.

This month, let’s pay attention to all the things – let’s notice them!

#MonthlyMandala – Noticing

#MonthlyMandala for May 2016 is Noticing. The Essence Mandala created by Teresa Deak is layered over shimmers of Goldstone photographed by Teresa.

My pendulum chose the word from many wonderful suggestions for the word for May.

From there I wrote the word “Noticing” with kaleidoscope wands to create this Essence Mandala.

Next, I layered her over a photo of shimmering Goldstone that I took recently when I noticed her sparkling in the sunshine.

When we see the whole image, with all her parts together, we find she is rich with detail and the energy of making space to allow the sacred everything to find its attention from us.

Take a moment to set aside your expectations and let the power from this Essence Mandala help you with Noticing.

Spend a little time with it. Let your eyes drink her in. Follow a colour as it curves and curls around the mandala. Relax into its presence, letting the Essence fill you.

Notice outwards – the sky, the birds, the breeze, the fragrances
Notice inwards – your heart, your thoughts, your body, your feelings
Accept that all around us are messages and insight
That all within us is sacred and beautiful
Trust what you find when you notice
May it speak love to you

Our Contributor

This month, it was Michele Andres who contributed our word. She had this to say about Noticing:

For “noticing:”
I attended a Spirit Circle this weekend and in answer to,
“What’s needed to level-up in our vibration/frequency?”
the message I received from Spirit is to
“be better at noticing spirit signs.”

Spirit is in constant communication with us, playing a charades-like game of ::See-That-Sign:: Our prayers are being answered. We just need to be more present and start NOTICING all that’s being said.

To thank her, I’ve offered Michele a Rock The Butterfly Essence at the time of her choosing.

How are you feeling this mandala? Does it fit with your month of May?

Watch for the invitation to contribute for June’s #MonthlyMandala. You’ll see it in the Butterfly Rabble over on Facebook.

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