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For #WednesdayWisdom on April 27, 2016, Teresa Deak followed the guidance of her pendulum to share 3 Essence Mandalas. She created each of these by writing the word of its essence with kaleidoscope wands, to carry that energy directly to your heart. Which of these mandalas is for you? Is it only one? Do you feel a pull or a nudge? Or do you feel resistance to it?

Wednesday Wisdom – April 27, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom is your choice of 3 Essence Mandalas created by Teresa Deak and chosen by her pendulum for our focus for this week. Which one calls to you? Do you feel their energy? How do they feel to you?

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Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of sand coloured snail on magenta impatiens flower.

Choose your course, set a goal, and be ready to dance!

Know that there is much we do not know. Welcome the surprises from the universe as an invitation to dance, she simply knows more than we do.

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