Active Gratitude – a prompt at A Year With Myself

inspiration hid
              within me
Macro photo of view trapped in water drop under green leaf. In the tension of self-doubt hid the gem to share with you, the bounty in the butterflies, active gratitude and my instigation on a year With My Self.
deep below layers
              of knowing

and not-knowing

behind the work of
              creating and
                            the call to connect

held in the tension

of self-doubt

adorned in
              elaborate objections

I had waited for a reason

the revelation arrived

                    just as I needed her

                                        and it was all about the butterflies

Yes, I had exactly the inspiration I needed just in time to submit my interview and prompt as one of this week’s Gratitude and Joy instigators in A Year with Myself.

Join me and over 100 other instigators on Cigdem Kobu's A Year With MyselfIt’s awe-inspiring and humbling to be in AYWM beside sheroes and friends, role models and soul-family. What Cigdem has put together in this program is rich and deep and powerful. She invites you to:

“Go on thematic weekly quests of self-love and self-discovery. Be best friends with yourself. Hone your strengths and reshape your true mission.

Free Weekly Prompts and Actionable Ideas

Or go for the A Year With Myself Full Adventure Kit: a year-long digital self-study program for creative, entrepreneurial women who want to empower themselves and make their big juicy dream happen in the new year.”

What examples have you seen of Active Gratitude? How will you share your Gratitude with the world?

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