Revealed: Judgement


Macro photo of scilla blossom pushing past fall's dead leaf. Gratitude Tarot card Judgement: my soul awakens with love enough for all of soul-family.
this is birth

       stretching and struggling
       its pain and loss
       a frightening cocktail
       urging me toward
       this new reality

for joy to enter

                            first guilt must depart
                            for love to arrive
                            first sorrow must move aside

                            my soul awakens
                            with space enough
                            for each of you

              with love enough
              for all of me
              and all of


that we may join together
and see the Beauty
this journey has delivered

In this renewal, you are called to release guilt and sorrow, rising anew. 
Your spirit awakens, cleansed and ready to accept joy into your open heart.

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One Response to Revealed: Judgement

  1. kelly November 5, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    the beauty is all around us… when we allow ourselves to see it. lovely, as always!
    and many thanks! xoxo

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