Revealed: Seven of Awareness

Seven of Awareness

Macro photo of curling green and pink leaves. Gratitude Tarot card Seven of Awareness: dig deep to rise up from this challenge into your true purpose.

it’s so easy to

lose myself

       in the depths of this challenge
to sink deep into it
in search of the answer

the solution

in the stillness
    within me

where the Infinite blossoms

                    I find my strength
                       my own fierce direction

in rising into it

           I can see the dizzying heights
     not yet in focus

clear only

   that they are far above me
         and that I will reach them

with you

This seems like a test. Look deeply within you 
for the means to overcome. Rise to victory. 

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  1. Tarot January 8, 2013 at 10:40 pm #

    This is a very important part to remember: Clear only that they are far above me, and that I will reach them. I love your tarot cards 🙂

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