Revealed: The Fool

The Fool

Macro photo of Duchess the swan viewing the path. Gratitude Tarot card The Fool: this journey into soul begins with intention and juicy anticipation.

it begins
          this quest across life

this journey into soul

     with all I have

with intention and direction

and juicy anticipation

with each step the direction narrows
                    with each choice the destination

this path
          she is not straight

she is not always easy

          and often the next curve seems
                              to spiral into itself
greeting the tangents
          of a thousand other journeys

yet as foot meets pathway
                    when action begins

all I need comes to me

when I receive in gratitude
                                     the curve widens

settling the chaos of direction
                    to singularly announce itself

my heart listens to the place that calls her
                    and the whispered cheers of soul-family

This path is yours. With your heart open to receive,
your feet will know where to take you.

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