Revealed: King of Community

King of Community

Macro photo of crisscrossed flowing water. Gratitude Tarot card King of Community: below my singular surface paradox ripples through my deepest soul.
deep below my glimmering surface
     gently flowing its smooth singularity

bright with reflections of your light

                a latticework of crossing currents
           ripples through my deepest soul
      swirling in eddys

impossible with paradox

it is here where our ripples


                              with each other
              with ourselves

in the sparks that form
              I see my full self
    accepting the depths of my confluence

in all that I am

            melting my barriers
        to flow into you

my soul-family

You are connected to all who swim in these waters with us. 
This feeling of solitude is one layer of your strongest fullest
self. Allow your compassion and creativity to flow freely.

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  1. kelly June 3, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    i LOVE that photo… and you 🙂

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