Revealed: King of Thankfulness

King of Thankfulness

Macro photo of brown spiral fossils. Gratitude Tarot card King of Thankfulness: labyrinth of gratitude whose spiral holds the starlight we each shine.this strength
      the true knowing
            that each step

pulses closer

                        to awakening
                              to success

                  could hold itself


         could forge its own way

tearing through

this well woven fabric of soul-family

yet harnessed and guided
         along the labyrinth of gratitude
                  whose spiral holds

the starlight we each shine

                        the fabric comes alive
                  with truth and light
            and souls on this path


The spiral of success is steady and reliable. Strength must be 
harnessed, directed through appreciation to be of most help.

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  1. wholly jeanne August 17, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    Another beautiful contribution to the world. And once again, I bow in gratitude to be included and for the way you see and go about being in the world.

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