Revealed: Knight of Community

Knight of Community

Macro photo of yellow rose in the style of Georgia O'Keefe. Gratitude Tarot card Knight of Community: in the quiet of my heart a small voice whispers.

      in the quiet of my heart
a small voice whispers

          I am here

                  ready to awaken
to lead the bold advance

a dream in technicolour
                  radiating love
            and joy
      stands on tippy-toes

hoping to catch my eye

                                                                      my heart

thinking mind
    pulls tight the cloak

of planning and forethought

                                                counselling the voice

                              to quiet down
                      to not be brash
              to be safe

in the lull that follows

peace breathes
  but for a moment before
              the small voice whispers
                              and you answer
              the thousand voices
of soul-family

a whole chorus

                      ready to sing
            to rise into the dream
    with me

thank you

In the deepest places of your heart you find connection; with each other,
with yourself. Allow your vision to awaken and dreams to guide your way.

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