Revealed: Page of Thankfulness

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acro photo of curved green hosta leaf. Gratitude Tarot card Page of Thankfulness: it is ahead, a doorway leading exactly where you are meant to be.

      you know it is ahead
the entrance to a new beginning
                a doorway leading
        exactly where

you are meant

  to be

yet the pathway
        from here     to       there
    curves and twirls
over bumps and under obstacles

spiraling with the burden

                                of that which must be done

no other has this path

it is yours alone

                                                to do the work

                              each move not made
                      remains un-done
              hanging heavy
      in your view

in your heart

do                       and move forward
      work           and watch the curves widen
              act and see the obstacles move with you

flowing together

into your fullness

Open your mind to the concrete results of your actions. A doorway
is open to you if you accept the work required.

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