Revealed: Page of Community

Page of Community

Macro photo of tree buds cracking open. Gratitude Tarot card Page of Community: there is breath in these words, the Infinite in her robes of Beauty.

stepping       forward
            from this tightness
                     moving outside of

these confines

                                 there is

in these words

new beginnings

as the old
         the restricting
               the no longer needed
                                                a w a y

                     in the space they leave

wonders appear

      the Infinite
                     in her robes
                                    of Beauty
                    walks tenderly
      the labyrinth

of my soul

in her embrace
            blossoms emerge

the sparkling glitter

                     of creativity

There is poetry at the start of this new project, and a secret view to hidden Beauty. 
Gentleness walks this path with you, opening your heart and awakening imagination.

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