Revealed: Death


Macro photo of blue flax blooms at their ends and their beginnings. Gratitude Tarot card Death:how we move through change dictates only how we feel.

in these moments
                all moments

transformation reigns

                                 demanding of us


the letting go

she cares not

                                    the new beginning
                        brightly blooming
            painfully birthed

is none of her concern

change demands only
                     that we let her
                               move through us
                                       for she rules all

how we move through her

                                  dictates only
                                              how we feel

                                                  in these moments
                                          all moments

                         light and beautiful
             or sad and painful

we get to choose

In true transformation, letting go of that which no longer serves us can bring wistful regret. 
Release all that must end with trust that your new beginnings will blossom.

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