Revealed: The World

The World

Macro photo of pollen-covered bee in yellow flower. Gratitude Tarot card The World: who could have known this moment would be painted in a song of joy?
                              who knew
when you started on this path so long ago
                                             a lifetime, even

that you would arrive here today

that without knowing your destination
        and only seeing your direction

with each new footfall

                that all of now
        would be painted in a song of joy

        and who could have known
that all of those moments of uncertainty
          and straining to hear a call
                                         barely whispered

and feeling your aloneness

fold around you with each new
                                 course correction

                      would make this arrival
              so much richer

with praise and thanks enough to quench your thirst

                  and sparkling light to propel your feet
                                                  to dance Mother’s rhythm

all of it has led to this moment
all of it has enriched this moment

and we all know this moment will not last long

are you ready to begin again?

Success arrives at the end of this cycle. Your needs fulfilled,
your efforts rewarded, you find new ways to share your Thankfulness. 

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2 Responses to Revealed: The World

  1. kelly May 14, 2012 at 4:53 am #

    yes. again and again and again. xo

    • PicsieChick May 14, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

      How wonderful! Yes!
      Shall we do it together this time?

      Hugs and butterflies,

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