I love your butterflies!

I’ve renewed my focus on sending butterflies to those who need encouragement or healing, a pick-me-up or calmness. To those I am grateful to. To you. I am falling more and more in love with this practice and delighting in how it continues to evolve!

Lately, as I send these butterflies, I ask you to tell me what colour they are. I have to tell you: Your answers have lifted this delicate practice to a whole new level of magical Beauty.

Thank you.
                            This is for you.

Macro photo of butterflies on greenery: my butterflies reach in you a murmuration of colour, we are these butterflies, woven together in soul-family.
my imagining        cracks       open

with your words

                                                               your colours on brilliant wings

                                                 I see us together

all of us

                            soul-family celebrating
our glittering web of connections

a congress of butterflies
                     a murmuration of colour
                                          a soul of many souls

shining facets of the same jewel

dancing glowing coals

they arrive to you
              these butterflies

just in time

                                                        exactly when you need them

iridescent pinks
                     cool margarita greens
                                                 electric and periwinkle
so many blues

we are these colours

pink and red
              yellow and green
                            purple and orange

yes, together

combining in gorgeousness

we are these butterflies

                                          filled with love
                            fragrant with ginger and jasmine
              rushing warm energy
dropping golden sparkles

with only a few words

              to guide them from me
                                          to you
they alight within you

                     and more than anything

I want to know

                     what do my butterflies
                                                 awaken in your soul?

ps – I’m talking to Jenny Bones on Inspiration Radio Nov 28 at noon pacific time. Join us or listen in later.

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One Response to I love your butterflies!

  1. Kelly November 27, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    Life, every day, you celebrate life like no other. You, and your gorgeous butterflies are such a beautiful gift, I am so glad to know you, so glad you joined in my celebration! Xoxo and of course, blue butterflies!

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